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Welcome to the DIGITAL SHOW ROOM

The ISET-One World Digital Showroom is a public website created to serve as an online meeting place for students and teachers of the institution and for the public, be they other intellectuals, people occupied in professions related to the studies of the university or simply any person with an interest and a wish to participate in and learn from the work and contributions made by students and teachers of the university.

The Digital Showroom was created because we as intellectuals see it as our purpose to excel not only within the confines of a university but by
  • engaging in the big issues of our time through our practice.
  • communicating with all kinds of people our findings as to why things happen, happen to be as they are and where we are heading.
  • proposing ways to promote positive development and create solutions that people can use directly or as inspiration in their own dealing with big issues.
We thus want to give back to a global community that has made universities such as ours possible. Therefore the general public, that means you who are reading this, is invited into the Digital Showroom for debates on pressing issues and on creating the solutions to big and small questions of our times.
You can here get to know about action to bring about change taken by students and teachers as part of carrying out their activities; action, which can inspire you to reflect and maybe to take own action. The Digital Showroom thus serves as a digital communication arm of ISET-One World that enables us to reach across the world and to reach you.

The mechanism for adding content and material to the Digital Showroom is carried out in the Digital Vestibule, a website which connects all students and teachers.
Here the finished work of a student or by a group of student is first published to the whole university, where both teachers and students can see it and comment it. It is also here students and teachers can vouch for the work to be published in the Digital Showroom.
When two students and a teacher have vouched for the work, or the product, it is posted in the Digital Showroom. It may be a report, a plan of action with instructions, a power point presentation, a radio program or a video. The student may also start an Open Debate on the issue.
You, the public, can read everything in the Digital Showroom so as to gather information, to learn and hopefully to be inspired.
If you are interested in taking an active role you can get access by registering with name and email address. You can then contribute with own comments in the Open Debates.

In the Digital Showroom you, the public, will find:
New Knowledge created about political and current issues, free from underlying agendas, so as to teach and to show new perspectives, new ideas, new approaches to old issues, old approaches applied to new issues, new solutions and new ways of using all what is now known to man.
Research and Development results with practical To-Do explanations for other people to copy (e.g. how to rid a village of illiteracy, how a community can become climate change compliant, how eating products from a school garden affects the reading skills in primary school).
And you are hereby invited to take part in:
Open Debates on topics on the basis of science and Solidary Humanism with your examples and case stories and thus showing ways forward for how to tackle imminent threats to humanity as well as discussing and developing understanding for long term solutions to centuries old problems, such as unequal distribution of wealth, how to bring economic prosperity to all, protection against natural as well as manmade disasters, how and why to organize collectively and more.