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Welcome to ISET One World

The ISET-One World Digital Study has been created for you, the distance learner.
It is made for the busy professional who needs easy access to study materials so as to be able to acquire knowledge, to use this knowledge in professional or personal life and to create new knowledge through practical application of matters learnt.

Here you have materials and tools at your fingertips thus facilitating your learning and communicating with tutor and fellow learners. Here you can find information useful for action you are planning to take.

In My Digital Calendar, you will find all subjects and exams placed in time. You can place own events and study tasks into the calendar. You can change dates of exams that are organized locally. You can add times of panels to attend, own deadlines and you can print the calendar.

In My Digital Library you have access to study material such as reading material, video and audio files.

In My Progress Panels you have access to all study elements organized in subjects, sections and study tasks with title, wording, introduction and directives. You tick off, when a task is started and when it is finished. You can thus overview your progress in terms of started and finished.

My Digital Binder is a small database with all your research papers, notes, presentations, multiple choice replies, etc. - in short, all answers to all tasks plus your notes - placed in good order and easy to find, easy to view, print and backup.

If you are a student or teacher at ISET-One world, you can log in by clicking here - Login - or on the Login button in the top right corner.