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Research & Development

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No. Title Contributors Date Type Comments Last comment
1 Como mitigar o efeito do aquecimento global Anne Hoejholt 2019-10-16 PDF 0
Convite para participar na acção plantando árvores para mitigar o efeito do aquecimento global
2 Francis Chimudzi. Barefoot nursing Francis Chimudzi 2016-08-08 PDF 1 Barefoot nursing
The task is to learn what a barefoot nurse is and consider the perspectives of having barefoot nurses in each rural village and in poor urban neighborhoods.
3 Action for better health Leburo Gaebongwe 2016-08-08 PDF 1 Fighting with the Poor
The task is to plan and carry out an action for better health with a group of people in your Productive Unit, at a nearby school or in the community.
4 Maxwell Chigutsa. Why hierarchy limits development and new learning Maxwell Chigutsa 2016-08-08 PDF 1 Fighting With the Poor
The task is to understand and exemplify why hierarchies lead to stagnation, while cooperation and common efforts to find solutions are dynamic and lead to development for all and better solutions.
5 NKOSIYABO DUBE. Investigating your natural surroundings – ecosystems, animals and plants NKOSIYABO DUBE 2016-08-08 PDF 2 NATURE
The task is to learn about the nature around you, knowing some of the key species and life forms, and being able to explain how these depend on each other and whether special measures should be taken to protect this nature.
6 Relatorio de Horticultura e Boa cozinha Pires Paulino 2016-08-08 PDF 4 Investigação e Desenvolvimento
Este relatório tem como objectivo de mostrar as competências e os conhecimentos por mim adquiridos durante este período de estudo na disciplina de Horticultura e Boa cozinha.